Friday, March 20, 2009

Is this Margaret Donahue Maher Bench?

I recently received some photos from my uncle that were buried within my grandfather's attic. This was one of those photos.

It was unmarked. I'm guessing that this could be a photo of my paternal great grandmother, Margaret Donahue Maher Bench. She was born in Ireland around 1875 and died in Cambridge, MA in 1935.

She's a mystery to me. I found her marriage record to my great grandfather in Chicago, IL. They were married in January 1913 at St. Elizabeth's. She's listed as Margaret Maher so she must have been previously married. Her maiden name is Donahue as stated on her death certificate, as well as my grandmother's birth certificate.

On her death certificate, her father is listed as John Donahue. That's all I know about her.

If your a Maher or Donahue researching her, please contact me. I'd love to fill in the blanks.

Colleen Degnan Johnson
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