Friday, February 20, 2009

Photo Friday - Margaret Larkin Finnegan

This is a picture of my maternal great grandmother.

Margaret Larkin Finnegan
14 July 1878 in Gaigue, Ballinamore, Co. Longford, Ireland
8 Mar 1961 in Cranston, RI, USA
She married Patrick Finegan on 14 Nov 1906 in Providence, RI, USA. For some reason, the name developed a second 'N' in Finnegan after 1907. Prior to that, it is listed everwhere with only one 'N' in Finegan.
Colleen Degnan Johnson


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  2. That's a wonderful picture! Is that really a HAT? Oh my gosh!

  3. Yes, it is a hat Becky. I'm not 100% sure but I believe this was from her wedding picture. It's very fancy.

    Thank you JoLyn. I appreciate the award!