Monday, January 5, 2009

I Am Screaming at Hubby's Ancestors

Warning: I'm venting about a day of genealogy frustration!

I thought that I was going to post a celebration breakthrough. Nope. After I checked my facts, it was a huge disappointment for me. The work was for nothing. UGH!!!

Genealogy can be such a downer at times. LOL

I truly thought that I had found my husband's maternal great-great grandfather in the 1850 U.S. Census. I haven't looked at him for quite some time and decided that I'd dedicate an afternoon and evening to just him. After all this time, I am still at a dead end. I need to find a magic lamp to rub.

Robert Gregg born 7-31-1830 OH and died 4-15-1905 Melvern, KS. He married Nancy Emmeline Reaves in Madison Co., IL. When he moved to KS from IL, he flipped the name to Gragg instead of Gregg. While he lived in IL, he was a Gregg. I have him tracked in every census down to the missing 1850 one. It would be nice to find him there as I'd like to get his parents names.

You know that will just add more frustration too! It's too funny what genealogists do to themselves but it is such a high when you break through a wall. I truly do think that these ancestors are looking at me and having one heck of a laugh at times. I can hear them snickering, "Oh come look, she's at it again."



  1. Colleen,
    This might be a longshot but have
    you tried a search on Greig? I've
    found a few of my ancestors names
    misspelled by transcribers because the handwriting of the census taker
    was hard to read.

  2. Bill,

    I have not tried that version yet. Thanks.

    Like you I have encountered weird spellings and transcription errors. I've tried Gregg, Gragg, Grigg, Crigg Cregg, and Cragg. I've tried with and without the first name, with only the initial, and with nicknames.

    I'm at a big wall. LOL Thank you again. I am going to try that spelling.